Safari Web Browser features problem, how it works

Safari runs on WebKit engine and is a web browser created by Apple. It was first introduced in 2003 together with Mac OS X Panther. It also has a mobile version since the introduction of iPhone in the year 2007. In all the Apple devices, Safari is the default browser. Earlier in the period of 2007 to 2012 there was also a version available for Windows.

The working of Safari

Safari is the default browser for devices that run on IOS and OS X created by Apple. This browser works much faster than Internet explorer or Firefox as the JS is executed much faster by Nitro JavaScript engine. One can easily synchronise bookmarks, tabs, history, passwords and reading list across devices with the help of iCloud. Like Chrome and other present day Internet browsers, one can also browse privately with Safari. When you open a private window in Safari and close it later, the computer or the browser doesn't save any details about the websites you visited.

With this browser you can easily zoom the contents on a web page. One can access custom style sheets which is an additional and useful feature. This browser offers integrated QuickTime multimedia player to help you view videos, listen to audio files and the new pictures. Safari allows the users to archive or save a particular web pages or emails for the purpose of viewing later.

Another feature voice over has been included which allows users to give commands in voice. This also weeds out the contents of web page aloud. What's more? If you are not compatible with using a mouse or you work majorly with the keyboard, you have option to use the keyboard alone. The keyboard shortcut features allows you to perform all functions through keyboard commands. To add more utility, users can find the most visited websites thumb nailed on the home page of the browser. So, instead of typing the entire URL all you need to do is click on the thumbnail to visit the particular page.

To allow customers to access various web sites which require them to enter their password key chain feature is provided for password management. For pages you frequently visit, you can allow Safari to remember your password. However, if you are on a shared device it is better not to use this feature. Being integrated with Apple’s i-Web software, one can enjoy more benefits which are not available with other browsers.

Safari is slow and crashes problems

This problem usually happens and customers can resolve this issue by deleting cache and cookies in Safari. They can also deactivate the browser enhancements are extensions and Plugins. One can also try by disabling the antivirus installed in the computer to overcome this problem.

How do you turn off suggestions on Safari?

Sometimes customers are bothered by the suggestions on Safari. This problem can be resolved by following the path-- Safari> Preferences and then choose search and unchecked Include Safari Suggestions. You have to also turn off the location services provided by Safari andSpotlight Suggestions. To do that go to menu> System Preferences. You have to then select security and privacy and then choose privacy.

Safari web browser shortcuts keys

  • Scroll up, down, left, or right-: Press the arrow keys.
  • Scroll in larger increments-: Press Option while you press an arrow key.
  • Scroll down a screen-: Page Down ; Space bar
  • Scroll up a screen-: Page Up; Shift–Space bar
  • Scroll to the top-left or bottom-left corner of the page-: Command–Up Arrow or Home; Command–Down Arrow or End

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