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Firefox is an Internet browser which has been developed to provide superior privacy to the users. Mozilla, the developer of this browser has been voted as among the top companies listed as‘Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy.’ To allow customers better user experience, frequent upgrades of this browser are regularly available.

Firefox is described in three words-FAST. SMART. YOURS by its developers for the simple reason it allows you to be in control of your Internet usage and the experience you want to derive from there on. It is loaded with several smart features that help you find the things you are looking for easily. Its works intelligently understanding your needs and helps you locate things based on your past search results across various search engines that you might have used. This browser allows you to make use of shortcuts by suggesting them to you now and then. With focus on providing better privacy, Firefox has the special Private Browsing with Tracking Protection which prevents websites from keeping track of what you browse.

How it works Firefox?

You can open as many tabs you want with Firefox. These intuitive visual tabs are numbered and help you find the things you want for your future reference easily. It is very simple to reach your favourite sites with his browser and you don’t have to waste time looking for them every time. A special feature called add-ons is available with Firefox which helps you take control of your browsing experience. No longer do you have to get bothered by unwanted advertisements as you can make use ofad blockers. Similarly there are other add-ons available that give you a never before experience of Internet browsing.

How to manage cache?

Cache causes some of the worst problems while browsing the Internet. This problem can be resolved by regularly deleting cache. Here is how you can delete cache in Firefox:

  • Go to history and choose the recent history
  • In the next step you have to select the time for which you want to remove cache.
  • Choose the time for which you want to delete from the drop down.
  • If you want to delete the entire cache, select ‘everything’
  • In the ‘details’ you have to select the element of history that you want to eliminate.
  • If you want to delete cache completely, you have to select everything.

How to delete history

  • Go to menu and select settings and from the drop down that appears select‘Privacy & Security.’
  • Here you will have to choose the option ‘Clear private data.’
  • Select the part of history you want to delete and then choose Clear data.

Firefox offers many useful shortcuts; here are some which you may require often:

How to Open New tab Firefox Browser

For Windows

Ctrl + T Double-Click on Tab Bar

For Mac OS X

Cmd + T Double-Click on Tab Bar

New Window

For Windows


For Mac OS X


Add Bookmark

For Mac OS X

Cmd + D

For Windows

Cntrl + D

Start Private Browsing

For Windows

Cntrl + Shift + P

For Mac OS X

Cmd + Shift + P

How to Contact Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Team

Undoubtedly, Firefox offers great user experience but customers do find difficulties in dealing with several aspects of Firefox. It has many superior features which can be used to have safe browsing and an enhanced experience on the Internet. To help customers make them most out of Firefox browser, we offer complete solutions to help and guide them. In case of any trouble, customers can give us a call by dialling the Mozilla Firefox help number, and they can be sure all their problems will be immediately attended and meaningful solutions provided.

The benefits with us are:

  • 24*7 customer support service
  • Easy access through live chat, phone call and Email
  • Accurate solutions in the shortest turnaround time
  • Certified technical team capable of resolving diverse Internet related problems.

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