Opera Mini Browser Customer Service Number

It is a browser available for free for windows 10 and its previous versions and is designed to bring you safe and speedy browsing experience.

If you are tired of online advertisements, this web browser is made for you as it can block advertisements with the help of tailor made add-ons. Ad blockers have been built in to this browser which allows content rich pages to load 90% faster.

Opera allows smooth multitasking. You can save plenty of time with the help of customisation shortcuts, tab cycling and visual bookmarks. These features help you to find out exactly the things you are looking for by keeping you on the right track. The video pop out feature is a new innovative addition that prevents you from missing out on anything while you use other applications.

How it works? Prolonged smooth browsing

With focus on performance and speed a new feature-data-compressing Opera Turbo has been developed. Together with ad- blocker and other existing features, users can experience faster browsing. Battery usage is also controlled as Opera is now powered for optimising 50% of battery use.

Can be personalised

More than 1000 browser enhancements or extensions are available. This enables users to customise Opera according to their needs. The add-on catalogue can be viewed to download extensions and themes to add a personal touch for great browsing experience. Multiple animated themes are available to brighten up start page.

Stay in sync

It is now easy to browse across various devices with Opera. Users just need to sign in to Opera account and the entire browsing data including the bookmark, passwords, history and opened tabs will be synced. So, it will be great for your desktop and laptop as well as your handheld devices.

Confidential and safe

Opera is secure and saves you from the attack of Malware and viruses why you surf through the net. Moreover, the private browsing feature allows you to go incognito whenever you want. You can maintain privacy even while on public wi-fi by opting for VPN from Surf Easy.

Private browsing

Opera versions 15 and above allow users to browse privately without leaving any trace of browsing history. Upon closing the private windows, history and cache and all related data are deleted.

How to delete private data?

  • Open the main menu and go to Settings.
  • From the left side bar choose 'Privacy & security' tab.
  • Click on the option Clear Browsing Data available under 'Privacy'.
  • Now, a dialog box will appear where you will have to select the element of data you would want to delete. You have to choose from browsing history, download history, cookies, cache, or passwords. If you want to delete the entire data you have to select all.
  • Also, select the time for which you would want to eliminate the data.

How to disable the password manager?

If you have been used to saving your password with the password manager for convenience, but now want to disable the feature, you can follow the path: Main Menu Settings 'Privacy & security'?Passwords. Unchecked the option ‘Offer to save passwords I enter on the web checkbox’

Some useful short cuts

  • New private tab in current window--- Ctrl + Shift + N
  • New tab in current window--- Ctrl + T
  • Backspace--- go back one page
  • Shift + Backspace--- go forward one page
  • Ctrl + W---- close active tab
  • Ctrl + Alt + Z--- undo close active tab

How to contact Opera Mini Browser Customer Support

We are available 24 hours and 365 days over the Opera mini web browser toll free number for providing accurate and desirable solutions to customers if they face issues in dealing with problems related to Opera. Our knowledgeable and experienced technical team is capable of instantly diagnosing any issue and eliminating problems in the shortest turnaround time.

We offer:

  • Constant availability through live chat and phone calls.
  • Instant diagnosis of problems and correct solutions.
  • Proper guidance and help.
  • Educative approach.