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How to fix Yahoo Mail temporary error 2

Are you getting annoyed with Yahoo mail temporary error 2? Having an inconvenience in accessing Yahoo mail account on your computer system?

Trouble in your Verizon Yahoo mail can cause a temporary error in your Yahoo email account. The error usually comes when you try to log in your email account and see the black screen on your screen. You will receive “Temporary Error 2,” when your mailbox is failed to open on is one of these. Indeed, the issue can be resolved, but you need to look over the solution so that you don’t get an error again with your mail account.

The error is considered very common and you don’t need to be worried about the same. The error will correct itself within a less duration of the time slot.

A reason behind Temporary Error 2 issue:

The temporary error in Yahoo occurs due to the corrupted registry entry. And the registry entry can be prevented via daily scanning of your personal computer. Scanning on a daily basis will not only discontinue the temporary error 2 but also correct the entire function of Yahoo mail.

Few tricks to fix ‘MailboxOpenFailed’ or Temporary error 2

  • You need to delete cache from your web browser.
  • Make sure to check browser-Os compatibility.
  • Sign out Yahoo account from everywhere.
  • Check server issue.
  • Finally, you need to close the web browser and restart it again. After that Sign into Yahoo mail. This manner an error will go.

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In case the issue persists, you can try these methods:

  • If you are not able to log in your Yahoo email account on the computer system, then try to sign in from your mobile phone.
  • There are some alternatives to get into your account using some other updated web browser; you can also try your mobile browser too.

These fixes will help you in troubleshooting an error from your computer system permanently.

Thus, you will be having an error-free functioning of your Yahoo mail. You can enjoy the services of Yahoo in a hassle-free manner.

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