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Gmail Not Sending or/and Receiving Emails on iPhone. How to Fix?

If you have configured your Gmail account on your iPhone and experiencing a problem receiving emails in it, there can be numerous reasons responsible for the issue. Maybe you have configured your Gmail account on iPhone with incorrect settings or there are internet connectivity issues with your iPhone. If you are facing trouble receiving an email in your Gmail account on the iPhone, you can try fixing the problem by following the information provided below.

Guide to Fix “Gmail Not Receiving Emails on iPhone” Issue

Before Proceeding Ahead

Before you follow the workarounds provided below, it is suggested to keep the following suggestions in mind.

  • The backup feature provided in iCloud and iTunes only backs up your mail settings and not your email messages. If you ever remove or change your email account settings, all the emails downloaded previously might be removed from your iOS device.
  • Always ensure that your iPhone is connected to the Internet.
  • Check the status of your email service provider to know whether there’s a temporary service outage on their webpage. If there is some sort of outage, it is suggested to wait until the outage issue resolves.

Check Your Gmail Outbox for unsent emails

If you see a notification that reads your email was not sent, you can check such emails in your Outbox. Go to the Outbox folder of your Gmail account and try to send the email again:

  • Go to the Mailboxes in the upper-left corner.
  • Select the Outbox
  • Tap the unsent email in the Outbox and check whether the recipient’s email address is correct.
  • After verifying everything, you can tap on the Send

Verify your email address and password

If you are being prompted to enter a password for your Gmail account on iPhone, it is suggested to ensure that you have a correct password for your account. In order to check your email address and password, you will need to sign in to the Gmail website.

However, if even after following the given suggestions, you are still getting a username or password error, it is best to contact Gmail or system administrator.

Verify iOS Mail Fetch and Notification settings

Generally, Fetch New Data settings are based on the information provided by the email service, in this case, Gmail. If Push is not available as a setting, your account would be configured to Fetch. So, these are the settings that decide how your device is going to receive the emails. In order to make changes to these settings:

  • Go to Settings and select Passwords & Accounts
  • Tap Fetch New Data.
  • Choose a setting, like Automatically or Manually, or choose a schedule for how often Mail fetches data.

With iOS 11 and later, Automatically is set by default. Your device will fetch new data in the background only when your device is charging and connected to Wi-FI.

Make sure that your Notification settings are correct for the Mail app:

  • Go to Settings, then tap Notifications.
  • Tap Mail.
  • Tap an email account.
  • Adjust your Alerts, Sounds, and Badges.

Check your Mail settings

When you set up your email account on your device, iOS tries to set up your account automatically with the correct account settings. If your Gmail account was also configured with automatic settings, you will need to ensure that your account settings are correct. To verify that, you can compare the settings in the Mail application to the settings for your Gmail account:

  • Go to the Settings option and select the Passwords & Accounts
  • In the Passwords & Accounts option, you will need to tap your email account.
  • Next, you will need to select your email address located next to Account to see the account information like the incoming and outgoing mail servers settings.
  • Verify the recommended settings for your Gmail account in the Mail Settings Lookup tool and ensure that they’re the same as the one displayed on your screen. In case you don’t see your email account settings, you will need to contact your email provider or system administrator.

NOTE: If you have configured your Gmail account with POP3, then you will be able to check email on one device at a time only. So, close other email programs and log out of webmail sites that you have open. To see whether your email is a POP3 account, you will need to go to the Settings option and select Passwords & Accounts. Select Account under Password & Account and look for the label POP Account Information. Alternatively, you can check the recommended email settings for your POP3 account in the Mail Settings Lookup tool.

For Further Assistance

If even after following the above-mentioned workarounds you are still experiencing problems receiving emails in your Gmail account on the iPhone, you can follow the suggestions provided below.

Contact your Email Provider or System Administrator

  • Consult with your Gmail service provider or check the status of Gmail to check if there’s a service outage.
  • Ask your Gmail service provider or system administrator to know in case you have mistakenly activated any security features or restrictions, such as two-step verification, for your Gmail account.
  • Also, you might require a special password or may need to ask permission from your email provider to send and receive email on your iPhone.
  • Verify the settings of your email account with your email provider or system administrator to ensure that they’re entered correctly.

Remove your Email Account and Set it up Again

  • Sign in to your Gmail account on the desktop browser and make sure that all of your emails are there.
  • On your iPhone, go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts
  • Next, you will need to tap on the email account which you want to remove.
  • Then, tap on the Delete Account option and add your Gmail account again.

So, these are the workarounds that you will need to follow in order to fix the problem receiving emails in your Gmail account on iPhone.

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