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Setup of Yahoo email Account Key from the iOS device

Passwords of an account can be easily guessed by online hackers via using high-level of hacking tricks. Creating a strong password helps you in protecting your account from online hackers. Passwords can be easily guessed and there is a possibility of hacking an account but this is not the case with Account key. It is the best way for securing your Yahoo Account.

Now you can get rid of remembering and managing too many account passwords. You can take the help of an Account Key for securing and permitting you to omit using a password for signing in. Once you will enable Yahoo Account Key, it will send a notification on your mobile phone. In order to begin this, you need to approve the same. At the initial stage, you might find the process a bit confusing or puzzling but it is a quite safe technique for login to your mail account with your phone device just by typing “yes” option. It is a higher version of two-factor authentication, which consists of a password. A temporary code will be sent to your tablet or phone.

These instructions need to be implemented for setting up Yahoo email Account Key from the iOS device:

  • In the beginning, you need to install the latest version of Yahoo app on your iOS device.
  • After that you need to login to your Yahoo mail account.
  • Then you need to tap on the Menu icon Image.
  • And tap on the Account Key icon Image.
  • Afterwards, tap on Setup Account Key.
  • Later on, tap on the Approve icon Image of your Account Key accept.
  • With this, tap on Got it.
  • Finally, tap on Enable Account Key.

Follow the above-mentioned directives for the setup of Yahoo email account key from the iOS device and freely use your account without a fear of hacking your password because your account is already shielded with a high level of security and there is no point of getting worried.

Yahoo users can simply get into their account by Tapping “Yes” to the push notification which is sent to your mobile device. Whether you are using your Yahoo email account on the desktop, mobile device, or iOS device, you can take the benefit of the Account Key feature anytime, anywhere.

Yahoo Account Key - Say Goodbye to Passwords !!

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