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Yahoo gets rid of passwords with new “Account Key- Solved


This is the new mantra to get in to your Yahoo Mail account; now you don’t need to enter or type password for your Yahoo account. And, this doesn’t make your Yahoo account unsafe; it is secure and safe too. Yahoo users have various methods to keep the account lock and secure from any unauthorized access. Users have options like Password, Two-Step Verifications and Yahoo Account Key; these are the best choices when it comes about keeping your account secure.

The old-fashioned password is no more a best idea to give security to your Yahoo account. This is just being the conventional manner to put a lock on your Yahoo account, but it’s just an illusion and your account is not secure enough for any hacking and malware attack. But, that is not the question, rather why users are using the conventional password when they have better alternatives.

Yahoo Account Key – The password-less password.

Yahoo Account Key is the best ever alternative for your Yahoo account and its safety. This is perfect replacement for a password, now you just need to visit the sign in page and then you will get a sign in permission notification on your registered mobile number and device. If you allows, you are in else no one can get sign into your account.

Well, in order to get rid of with the password and choice to Yahoo Account Key password; you need to enabled this feature for your account. This is a one-time exercise to do so and then you will get in every time with the sign in notification on your device.

Yahoo users can learn and take help from this step by step guide to enable Yahoo Account Key for their accounts and use it.

  • Your first step is to visit to the Yahoo Account security page
  • And then, click on See how it works option
  • After that, you need to choose your device and app to be notified on for sign in attempts
  • Here, you need to click on Send me a notification option; this will send a notification will go to the app you selected
  • Now; on your mobile device, you need to tap on the Approve icon for activating this feature for your Yahoo account
  • And then, go back in your web browser, click on Always use Yahoo Account Key for your sign in attempts
  • Your last step is to keep a recovery alternative; so confirm your mobile phone number, which is used if you lose access to your device

You have successfully configured Yahoo Account Key for your Yahoo account, now you don’t need to be worried over its security.

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