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How To Stop Yahoo Alert To Avoid Unwanted Traffic

In case you are using Yahoo email account on your computer system or mobile phone screen, keep getting the updates to stay on top of your likeable news. An email account helps you to create alerts for different topics, definite keywords or websites and alerts you as the latest information on the topics is published online. For this, it is mandatory to create an account of Yahoo. Creating Yahoo notifications required a Yahoo email account. Yahoo users can create a notification on your mobile phone or PC.

Logging into Yahoo mail account

In order to access your Yahoo notifications, you first of all need to log in to the account through Yahoo’s website. And after that, you need to click on the link with a name for accessing the account menu. Then you need to choose “Account Info” for going to your personal settings and profile.

Finding Your Alerts

In your account’s settings page, you can easily manage and edit all aspects of an account. For this, you need to simply scroll your system mouse to the underneath of the page “Notifications and Subscriptions” title. To start with, you need to hit “Set up Yahoo! Alerts” link for managing notifications. After that, you need to choose “My Alerts” tab for editing your notifications. Finally, you can edit, turn off or remove Alerts with the assistance of “My Alerts” panel.

Steps to turn alerts off:

  • At the initial stage, you need to hit the “On” button for turning off an active alert.
  • And you will stop getting the alert in your email account or on a cell phone, and the alert will stay in an account if you want to turn it back on.
  • For turning your notifications off, simply scroll to the bottom of Alerts list to “Turn All Alerts” and hit the “Off” link quickly.
  • Now, make sure that notifications with an “Off” button which is next to them are turned off.
  • With the “On/Off” feature you can temporarily end Yahoo! alerts.

Deleting Alerts

  • First of all, you need to hit the grey trash can icon for deleting your alert permanently.
  • An account will provide you with a prompt for verifying; hit the “Yes, delete it” button rightly.
  • Now, the alert will be entirely eliminated from your account list.
  • When you will remove an alert, there is no option for recovering it.

Thus, the above-mentioned steps will help you to stop alerts and in this manner, you can avoid unwanted traffic. If you want to attain the authentic tech support for the same, you can get in touch with a third party tech support providing company today.

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