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How To Retrieve Deleted Messages On Skype?

Have you accidentally deleted some important messages from your Skype account? And, now you are wondering as for how to recover these deleted messages? If yes, then you can follow the information provided below to quickly retrieve deleted messages in your Skype account. While the workarounds provided below may work in certain cases only, you can try using them to get access to your deleted Skype messages. So, here are the suggestions that you can follow to recover deleted messages in your Skype account.

Guide to Retrieve Deleted Messages on Skype

As Skype is known for only showing recent messages in its window, sometimes, you might not be able to view older messages in your Skype account. In order to see old messages, you will need to select View Old Messages option located under the Conversations tab. On the other hand, as you want to recover the deleted messages in your Skype account (from Windows computer, Mac computer, Android phone, iPad, and iPhone), you can try the recovering the messages by following the information provided below.

  1. Retrieving Deleted Messages from Skype in iPhone, iPad or Mac

If you are using iTunes to back up your iPad, iPhone, or Mac, you can easily restore the backup to quickly recover your deleted Skype messages from your iOS device. To do so, just connect the device to iTunes and choose Restore Backup option to retrieve deleted Skype messages.

On the other hand, you can also retrieve deleted messages in Skype from your iOS device using iCloud application. Just make sure that your iOS device is connected to the network. It will automatically back up everything on your iPhone, iPad and Mac computer, provided it has access to a working internet network.

NOTE: This way you will only be able to retrieve messages on Skype that would have backed up earlier using your device.

  1. Retrieve Deleted Messages in Skype on Android and Windows Device

If you would have installed Cloud storage application on Android or Windows device to backup data, you will be able to store your deleted Skype messages to your account on your Windows and Android device. However, this method will only work when you would have stored a backup file of your device earlier. So, make sure to keep backing up your data from time to time on your particular device.

  1. Third-Party Applications to Recover Deleted Messages in Skype

In addition to above-given solutions to retrieve deleted messages in Skype, you can also try using third-party applications available online. However, when using a third-party application, make sure you download it from an authentic source. Downloading and installing an app from an unreliable source may make your device vulnerable to cyber attacks.

In most of the cases, following the above-mentioned suggestions should help you fix the problem. However, if you are unable to overcome the issue even after following the solutions presented above, it is best to seek assistance from Skype customer support.

So, this is how you can try retrieving the deleted messages in your Skype account.

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