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How to Resend an Email Message in Outlook?

If you are sending an email to one or more recipients from your Outlook email account but they didn’t receive it, you can make use of the Resend This Message feature to easily send the message again. This feature allows you to resend the message to recipients who couldn’t receive it in the first attempt and also lets you add new recipients. Moreover, the “Resend This Message” command can also be used to quickly add or remove attachments in the email. To know how to resend an email message in Outlook, follow the step by step instructions provided below in this guide.

Steps to Resend an Email Message in Outlook

  1. On your Outlook email program, go to the folder pane and click on the Sent Items. You will be directed to the Sent Items folder of your Outlook email account.
  2. Once you are in the Sent Items folder, you will need to click on the Double-click on the email message you wish to resend.
  3. Next, you will need to click on the Actions option in the Move group, on the Message Then, click on the Resend This Message option. This will open a new message window on your screen. NOTE:
  • If there are multiple recipients, you can simply delete the recipients who have already received the email. To delete the recipients, you will need to click on the names that you wish to remove and then press the Delete
  • Optionally, if you wish to add recipients who were not on the original email, or if you wish to add or remove attachments, and change the content of the message, you can do so easily in this step.
  1. Once you are done making the desired changes to the email you are resending, you will need to click on the Send button to resend the email.
  2. Similarly, if you wish to resend multiple emails, just repeat the above-mentioned steps as instructed for each email. However, there is no option provided to resend multiple emails at one time.

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Resending Email Vs. Forwarding

While Outlook offers its users with “Resend This Message” feature, other email users can use the forwarding option. However, the drawbacks with forwarding option are that the email is sent along with the added information, the “FW:” appears before new message subject line, and the message body header information of the previous emails appears (such as sender, recipients, and date). Therefore the “Resend This Message” command is a better option to use if you are using an Outlook email account as it doesn’t include any additional information, “FW:” word at the beginning of the new message subject line, and the message body header information (sender, recipients, and date) of the previous email.

So, this is how you can easily resend an email message from your Outlook email account.

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