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Yahoo is known as a search engine and popular email service provider. Yahoo mail is its email service provider entity. You can get a free email after signing-up on Yahoo mail. If you are a first time user or if you don’t find a way to login to Yahoo mail account then we have a guide for you. Here you will learn how to login to your Yahoo mail account on various mobile devices and computer OS. You need to have a valid username and respective password to get sign-in.

Login to Yahoo Mail account on PC/Desktop Computer

First, you need a username and password; now open a web browser from your computer/desktop. Then open page on it. This is your Yahoo sign-in page; now use your email address in the given space and click the Next button. In the next page, you need to use your Yahoo account password and click on Sign in button. That’s all you need; to get access to your Yahoo mail account.

Login to Yahoo Mail account on Mac Computer

If you are a user of a Mac computer then Safari must be your web browser. Safari is the best browsing solution for Mac OS; Safari is quick, faster and easy to use a browser. You can easily access your Yahoo Mail account with it. See, how to log in with the Yahoo mail account on the Safari browser. Simply open Safari and type; you will be directed to Yahoo mail sign-in page. Here use your email address and click on the Next button. Now type a password and click on Sign in button.

Login to Yahoo Mail account on Android-based Smartphone

Your mobile phone is a Smartphone now; you can do many other activates apart from calling and messaging. You can use your Yahoo mail account with the native Android mail app. If you are new with an Android phone or want to learn how to use it; then follow these steps.

  • First press or hold your device’s Menu button
  • Now tap on the Settings button
  • And tap on Add account option
  • Here tap on Email
  • You need to enter your complete Yahoo email address and password in the given space
  • Now tap on Next button
  • Also, you can optionally adjust your sync settings and then tap on Next button
  • You can specify the name you want to be displayed on your outgoing mail and then tap on Next button
  • You can get emails directly on your Smartphone easily

Login to Yahoo Mail account on iOS mobile devices like iPhone/iPad

  • First, go to the home screen of your iPhone/iPad and then tap on Settings
  • Here you need to go to Mail option
  • Then tap on Accounts
  • And now tap on Add Account
  • Here you will find various email service providers so choose Yahoo!
  • And here you need to tap your name under Name
  • Then enter your full Yahoo Mail address in the Address option
  • Also, provide your Yahoo Mail password
  • And tap on Next button
  • You need to confirm that Mail is ON to receive an email in iPhone Mail
  • And finally, tap on Save on the upper bar; that’s all you need to do

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