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Set up Vacation Auto Responder in Gmail


Thanks for your email. I am out of town and will be returning back on (Date of return, month, year). During a particular time period, I may not access my Gmail account.

For any immediate official assistance kindly contact me on my given phone number (phone number).


Best Regards,

(Your Name)


“I am unavailable for ( date/month/year). You can reach me at my given phone number (…) for any kind of instant help. 

Thank You

This is the perfect manner to inform client, office colleagues about your unavailability in office.

Constantly checking your emails on laptop or mobile phone is not at all a proper way to take rest for your vacation. It’s better to reduce a load of emails before leaving for a stress-free vacation with your family or friends. Vacation is needed to rejoice yourself for work so why not relief yourself with loads of emails? So, in order to make yourself persistently free from replying or sending emails, you can set vacation auto-responder in your email account.

Gmail has an option of setting up a vacation auto-responder in an account. Apart from this, you can also limit automatic replies to the people who are already in your Gmail address book.

Let’s find out the easiest way to setup vacation autoresponder in Gmail. Here are the guidelines are given below.

Set up an Out-of-Office vacation response in Gmail:

  • In the beginning, you need to click the Settings gear in Gmail account.
  • After that choose Settings from the menu.
  • Check that your Vacation responder on is chosen.
  • Then you need to enter apt subject & message body text.
  • If possible, include a little bit of info on when you will be able to reply.
  • Then after, you need to see below for having Gmail account start & stop the auto-responder at pre-decided dates.
  • By choice:

You can set a start date in the future.

Also, check last day and define a time for the auto-responder to auto-stop responding appropriately.

If you want to specify whether to send auto-respond to all sender or your contacts only.

Enter Save Changes.

To turn off an Automatic Gmail vacation response, follow the instructions:

You need to follow the End now link which is given in the vacation responder bar.

The process to exclude messages from the Gmail auto responder:

You can simply avert Gmail from sending automatic replies to definite messages via setting up filters that delete these messages. In addition, if you are back in town before 30 days, you can recover all the emails from the Trash folder in your mailbox.

How to set up an Out-of-Office vacation auto-reply on your Gmail mobile?

  • Open your Gmail account on your mobile.
  • After that, you need to go to the label list in Gmail.
  • Enter the gear at the top right of the account page.
  • Be sure to enable vacation responder is checked.
  • You need to set a start date under the First day.
  • By your own choice:

Specify a date for the auto-responder to stop.

In case you want to specify whether to send auto-respond to the entire sender or your contacts only.

  • And now you need to type the preferred subject for auto-replies under the Subject:.
  • Just enter your vacation message under the Message option:

You need to include when you can make your availability to reply personally if feasible.

  • Finally, tap Apply.

Note: Whatever changes you will make in your mobile will for sure reflect in your desktop Gmail.

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