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Yahoo Mail Not Working On Android (Resolved)

If your Yahoo Mail Not Working on Android, it is likely due to several operating issues that lead you to the unrecognized state that you can’t able to perform basic functions such as to send and receive emails on your Yahoo Mail. Now, these days, as the advancement of the technology take place, users get accessibility of Yahoo Mail app in both the leading operating systems such as Android and iOS device. However, due to some major concern, users find it difficult to operate their Yahoo Mail account on Android. So, if you are facing the same, then follow the troubleshooting steps that can help in fixing the problem.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working On Android Phone

The below-provided steps are really helpful if your Yahoo app isn’t working on your Android device. Pursue the steps to get your Yahoo Mail working again.

Note: Make sure to update your Yahoo mail with the latest version of the app.

Step 1: Yahoo App Functionality Problems

(The issues make your Yahoo app slow, freezes, or even crashes at several times)

Use the steps (given-below) before moving to the next one:

  • To start with, make sure you are using the latest version of your device’s operating system.
  • Clear your app data and cache and check if it fixes the problem.
  • Try Force stop and restart the app, as it will refresh the active memory of the application.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Yahoo Mail app on your device.
  • If the problem still resists, contact your device manufacturer for steps to fix app issues on your specific device.

(Features are not available on a mobile device)

Some features of Yahoo Mail are only handy in the desktop browser version of the email service. Below you can find the list of Yahoo Mail features that are not available for Yahoo Mail mobile app.

  • View full Yahoo email headers
  • Create or generate vacation responses
  • Block email addresses option
  • Send to a contact list

Step 2: Connection Problems with the Service

(Check your network access)

Make sure that your device is connected to a strong internet connection. The major times, when the device is not connected to the internet properly hence caused Yahoo Mail Not Working on the Android issue.

(Review your app permissions)

App permissions are an essential part of the settings that allow apps to connect to other information on your device. It’s always a good idea to review permissions for Android apps and see whether they are enabled or not.

Step 3: Issues Signing in to the Yahoo Mail Mobile App

Facing sign-in issues can be caused due to the major concerning reasons. Fix them up the proven steps.

(Changing your mobile number)

If you have changed your old phone number and getting the new sim on the same phone, then you need to follow these steps to resolve the issue.

  • On your pc, complete the login steps to your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Once you are done with the sign-in steps, go to Profile Name > Account info > Account security
  • In the next step, click on “Phone numbers” option and tap on the “Add recovery phone number”
  • Now, it’s time to enter your new phone number in the mentioning field.

Note: Click on the button, which says “Send SMS”. Now, you will receive a Yahoo Account Key on your registered mobile number.

  • Enter the Account Key in the provided field.
  • At last, click on the “Verify” button once the process has been completed.

(Yahoo Mail App password)

When you activated the Two-Step verification or Two-Factor authentication or Account Key feature to access Yahoo Mail, you will need to create an app password specifically for that Yahoo Mail app. You can do this by exploring the Account security button and selecting the Generate app password option.

Hope, this blog really helps you a lot and you get proven solutions for the situation when you are facing Yahoo Mail Not Working on Android.

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