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How to Use Filter to Sort and Organize Incoming Yahoo Mails

When you get emails in your Yahoo! Mail inbox, there would be no order to organize them except that the latest date and time will be on the top and then previous one. This is really difficult to find your sort of emails from the ocean of mails in your inbox. We used to get 100s of emails in a day and our inbox will fill the latest email, irrespective of your viewing and reading capability.

So, what is the correct method to filter and organize emails in Yahoo! Mail inbox?

The best possible solution is to use the email filter feature of Yahoo. This is a wonderful tool as you can categorize and filter out emails in your Yahoo Mail account. The email filter is a feature which you can use to organize your emails based on your senders or some particular keywords.

Let’s say; when your member from family sends you an email, then you can segregate them on the basis of their email address or last name. Same as when you get an email for any business client or professional network; then you can specify them in a different folder. That’s all you needed, your emails will be categorized on the basis of email filters and your inbox will be organized rather messy.

You can learn to create an email filter for your Yahoo mail account using this step by step guide and tips to sort these different filters too.

How to Create filter for Yahoo! Mail Inbox?

  • Sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account
  • And then, you need to mouse over the Settings icon and click on Settings option there
  • Here, click on Filters option
  • And now, click on Add button
  • You can define a name for that particular filter by entering a Filter Name
  • And then you need to specify the criteria to filter out messages so enter the filter criteria
  • Also, select a folder to deliver the filtered emails to or select New Folder to create a new one for this specific criterion message
  • Here, click on Save button
  • Your final step is to click on Save again to return to your emails
  • You have successfully created an email filter for your inbox

How to sort filter orders?

  • In general, filters are prioritized from the top down as ascending order
  • When two filters can apply to the same email, the top filter will be used with that particular email considering as priority of the order or organizing emails
  • You can move filters up or down by selecting the filter and clicking the up or down arrow given there; a quick way to prioritize filters

An organized and well-maintained inbox is good to keep your messages at a certain place without any issue with it and you can find your require message easily.

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