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Steps to Install Epson WF 2630 Printer on Computer

Have you purchased an Epson WF 2630 printer recently but facing trouble installing it on your computer? This guide will assist in installing the printer by providing step by step instructions.

To begin with, you will first need to install driver software for the Epson WF 2630 printer. This is important as without installing the driver software, you will not be able to use the printer for various printing, copying, and scanning tasks. Once you would have installed the driver software for your Epson printer, you will be able to use it easily for various operations. To learn how to install and use the Epson WF 2630 printer on the computer, follow the instructions provided hereinbelow.

Guide to Install Epson Printer WF 2630 Printer

NOTE: The following instructions are based on Windows 10 operating system. The instructions may vary

  1. As mentioned above, you first need to install driver software for the Epson WF 2630 printer. So, begin by turning on your printer using a USB cable.

NOTE: You may need to arrange a USB cable as it might not be provided by Epson with the product. Also, while there are numerous ways to connect your printer to the computer such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet Gateway etc., however, here we have provided instructions for connection via USB cable.

  1. Once you have a USB cable, you can either use the Driver Software Installation disk of your printer or you can download the Driver Software setup from the official website of Epson.
  2. Once you have downloaded the driver software or you have the installation disk that you got with your Printer, extract the software if they are in zipped format.
  3. After you are extracting the file, you will need to double click on the Epson WF 2630 file setup file. This will open a new window on your screen. In the window, you will need to choose the Select a printer port manually.
  4. Then, you will need to choose the port Epson 2630 printer in use and click on the OK button to install Driver Software.
  5. Now, you will need to wait until the installation process gets completed successfully. After the installation gets completed successfully, you will see a message with a notification – “Printer driver installation and port configuration were complete successfully”.

NOTE: In case your computer is also connected to other printers, you will need to select a printer to configure a default one. If you wish to use Epson WF 2630 as your default printer, you will need to select the printer under Control Panel > Devices and Printers. Then, you will need to right-click on the printer and select the “Set a default printer” option from the menu that appears on your screen. Doing so will configure the Epson WF 2630 as your default printer. From next time when you will try to print a document, it will automatically get printed from the Epson WF 2630 printer.

So, this is how you can easily configure your Epson WF 2630 printer on your computer to carry out different printing tasks.

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