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How to Change Yahoo Account Settings?

A couple of easy steps will help you in managing/changing your Yahoo account settings instantly. Apart from this, getting to your account settings is quite simple and saves you from a lot of trouble. So to make your work a little bit easier during the process of changing account settings, you can go through the below mentioned steps.

Follow the instruction to edit email, name, and other personal Account Settings:

You need to enter your full name in the main sector of the Personal Info

  • Change your name
  • You need to add email addresses to your account
  • After that input Yahoo Messenger handle
  • Then after add any addresses, phone numbers, and websites you want to combine with your Yahoo account.
  • Finally, scroll down and enter the Save button when you are done.

You need to choose the Account Security tab for:

  • Changing your account password
  • Adding or removing phone number verification
  • And adding a recovery email address
  • Enabling two-step verification.

Step to edit Preferences:

  • You need to enter the Preferences tab for editing your languages, locations, and content preferences.
  • Choose Locations and Languages for editing where you live and the language you want for Yahoo to display content. Apart from this, your location information will be automatically detected and used to provide content definite to your region.
  • In case the location is wrong, hit No, detect Again till the correct location appears on the computer system screen. And enter Yes when the right one displays for saving the location.

Edit Email Settings:

Though you can add and then remove email addresses linked with Yahoo account from the Account Info screen but the definite settings relating to your Yahoo account are updated and controlled in a dissimilar location.

  • You need to return to the Yahoo home page and enter the Mail icon for opening Yahoo Mail.
  • Just enter the Gear icon and choose Settings for launching mail settings screen.
  • Now update the settings.

Here you can customize a range of Yahoo Mail settings and choices:

Mail filtering

Way to view email


How you will write an email

  • Choose a category, make necessary changes and enter the Save button.

These steps don’t consume your much time as you can get the needed guidance properly from here.

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