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How Do I Purchase Skype Credit?

Whenever we make national or international calls, we always think that these calls cost our fortune. If you do, then you are still in the 19th century. It’s time to adapt yourself to the latest technology and switch to the VoIP and save your hard earned money. VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”, which means we can send and receive voice, images, text on our computer/mobile via the internet. There are numerous VoIP service providers and Skype has been proved a legend since it was launched. Most of the companies and small enterprises still depend on Skype for internal communication needs. Moreover, not just the corporate sector, but even individuals like students, youngsters and senior citizens prefer Skype for communication.

Skype is a great application for making free audio and video calls from our computer & mobile device. On top of that, we can also make International calls from our computer/mobile to landlines and mobiles at a very nominal price.

Skype offers two types of subscriptions. They are as follows:

  1. Pay as you go
  2. Monthly Subscription

To get the subscription, users will have to add or buy credits first. The easy steps to buy Skype credits are as follows:

  1. Download and install the ‘Skype application’ in case your system doesn’t have one.
  2. Open Skype and click on “Create an account”
  3. Create an account using either your phone number or your email address.
  4. Log in to Skype using your credentials.
  5. Once you are logged in, at the top left, select “Skype”
  6. Now click to the “Buy Skype Credit”
  7. It will take a while and will redirect you to the page where you will see options to choose credit according to your billing country.
  8. Choose the amount as per your requirement. Select ‘Auto Recharge’ if you wish your Skype never run short of money.
  9. Check the order and make the payment via Paypal, credit card, etc.
  10. Once you are done with the payment, Skype credit will be added to your account.

Now you are ready to make calls. If you subscribe pay as you go, the balance will be deducted every time when you make a call or send a text. If you have opted for auto recharge your account will be charged automatically when your credit is about to finish. The monthly subscription is valid for 90 days as you pay for it in advance. After 3 months your account will be recharged automatically.

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